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Stores provide customers with many different brands of wine. A great label has a strong design, is made of durable materials, and has important information. SLBF Group will use these features to help your wine bottles stand out from the competition.

Choosing a Wine Label Manufacturer

SLBF Group has the knowledge, equipment, and production capabilities required to create and print wine labels. By utilizing the latest in printing technology, you can easily modify the text or images. This is beneficial when running promotions and campaigns for your company, or updating the information on your bottles.

What to Look for in a Wine Label Printing Company

When looking for a printing company for personalized wine labels, choose a company with a range of different options to fit your needs. With SLBF Group, choose from pressure sensitive labels, otherwise known as stickers, roll-fed wrap labels, and shrink labels.

Consider including details to further personalize your labels. Possibilities include embossing, foil stamping in one or more colors, and varnishes that give the paper a silky gloss or course matte finish. We also offer custom die-cuts, bottle neck hangers, and tamper-evident seals.

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We offer high-quality labels, regardless of size, at a reasonable price. Our quality remains consistent across different styles as well, from vintage to contemporary. Our skilled team members will work with you on projects from start to finish.

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