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For shipping, barcoding, tracking inventory, and more, thermal labels are a great option. We work with clients in the retail, food, and manufacturing industries. By utilizing the latest in printing technology services, we will help you design the best labels for your products.

Choosing a Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Labels Manufacturer

Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal labels are an alternative to using an inkjet printer or laser printer. To print on thermal labels, heat is applied. SLBF Group will provide a template for your company to use, allowing you to modify the information as needed. We provide thermal labels in different shapes and sizes and with permanent or removable adhesives.

What to Look for in a Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Labels Printing Company

Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal labels are ideal for product identification, inventory labels, barcode labels, and more.

As they are resistant to smudging and fading, they’re best for long-term use and storage. Direct thermal labels, on the other hand, disappear after 6-9 months, but are a budget-friendly alternative and can be used for printing applications such as shipping labels.

Why You Should Choose SLBF Group

At SLBF Group, we will help you choose the best thermal labels for your printing needs. We communicate with our clients to design the thermal labels they envision. Some companies know exactly what they should look like, while others want more guidance on the design front. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with the label services we provide.

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