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With an increase in the number of breweries, it’s more difficult nowadays to stand out amongst the competition. To meet sales goals, an eye-catching design is required to gain the attention of potential customers. We work directly with clients, and any packaging and bottling companies that serve as middlemen, to make the best digital labels.

Choosing a Brewery Label Manufacturer

The St. Louis Post Dispatch published relevant statistics. Since 2008, the number of craft breweries in St. Louis rose from 12 to 52. Nationwide, the number has grown from 1,521 in 2008 to 6,655 in 2018. With our extensive knowledge, we will help your business thrive in this growing industry.

What to Look for in a Brewery Label Printing Company

At SLBF Group, we will collaborate with you to create the best custom-made brewery labels for your brand. The label could have an artistic look, simplistic design with clean lines, bright or muted colors, and appear vintage or contemporary. The bottles, cans, growlers, kegs, and more from your product line will have a unique label that resonates with your brand.

Choose SLBF Group for Digital Label Printing

We will help you stay competitive with the option to share your story on the brewery label. Inspire others by sharing your roots, influences, and how your past shapes your future. A personalized label, with information about the company’s commitment to the craft, will stand out.

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